• Estebyan is a complete and cost effective solutions for any enterprise that values customer’s feedback.
  • It is very much worth to drive your business based on your client’s views and feedback.
  • Estebyan transforms raw data into meaningful inputs for the top management in critical decision making.
  • Tracking survey and feedback can be a complex and a time consuming process with changing questionnaires,feedback and survey campaigns .Estebyan provides the capability of defining survey and feedback questions on the fly to publish in various forms and delivery options.
  • Actionable insight (Data,Info,Knowledge,Wisdom).Transforming data into wisdom isthe art of science which gives in-depth understanding of end results of your products and services.
  • Estebyan provides SLA on the collected survey and feedbacks .
  • Estebyan provides end to end management of survey and feedback from the integration of the many data collection devices,to the complete automation of survey and feedback system.
  • The data collected through various data collection points and modes are subjected to go through analysis prior to reporting and statistical presentation.
  • The system is able to spot the trend or pattern with various parameters.
  • The system is able to create,assign and follow-up task based on the priority and pressing need requirements from the reports and statistics.
  • Management and decision makers will be able to have a tangible data for the decision making.

Key Features

  • Bilingual-English/Arabic
  • Auto schedule of survey
  • Manage data collection device from anywhere.
  • Email/SMS notification.
  • Data analysis.
  • Comparison of surveys.
  • Task management and follw-up.
  • Extensive dashboard reports.
  • Graphical reports.
  • User defined reports.
  • High end security.
  • Data archive.
  • Integration with intranet and internet.
  • Extensible to kiosk,Digital Signage,Onine Portal,Apple App Store,Google Play Store,Pre-Printed Questionnaires, Social Media.